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SEO Tech Experts India is a truly professional company which meets the deadlines as promised. We had hired it services for our web designing & development and it delivered results on the scheduled date. SEO Tech Experts India is a truly professional company which meets the deadlines as promised. We had hired it services for our web designing & development and it delivered results on the scheduled date.
Master Diploma in Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Training Course


Today’s most happening carrier field in the era of computer and internet is now offering a chance for young ones to develop their bright future according to expansions. Internet and search engines are most preferred standard for accessing or gathering information. All the businesses, industries as well as organizations also use internet as advertising medium. So Digital marketing and expert professional are in the demand but very experienced are very few. Now internet marketing profession is in boom for career making in the most demanding field.

SEO Tech Experts are one of the rulings name in the industry having very keen knowledge with certain years of experience in the digital market. Here, experts come with new course for the internet marketing. This course will be handled by some most experienced faculty, who will give the maximum knowledge including all the minutes. Such course by SEO Tech Experts professionals is offering expansion for the digital market to compete the leading county in digital market i.e. USA.

The expansion in the digital market offers the exposure for new generation. Very special and unique quality of this course is one can get very good job in any good MNC or else one can start own work of promoting different business. Today, this is the only one course offering such choice selection. Even moreover any one can start own business and promote as well as expand the business worldwide. For the business promotion there is no need of team work, after this course one can run all the roles by own-self. Here internet is the medium for the advertising, one has to promote properly only on the digital market.

Internet is used for widely used for all the trades because everyone accessing information from the. As well as comparison, discount offers and alternatives such option facilities are available and easily accessible. Because of such advancement in conveniences with latest technologies like internet access on cell phones, online market has expanded. Now digital market is only fast and maximum expansion giving channel for any business, so all the small and big companies or organization approaching for internet marketing. Altimetry this results into demand of more internet marketing experts. Job options are very obvious in the market.

Our well experience faculty, well equipped labs with latest technologies, well designed course with current updates includes and practical work on the real time projects make candidate to be skilled proficient in or master in internet marketing. The course has included Web Design, PHP, Graphics, HTML5, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, etc. A course of full of knowledge and certification with such advance informs of digital market will offer beyond expectation package for anyone with 100% guaranty.

Course code: MDMSEO Eligibility: positively completed 10 + 2 i.e. secondary school from an established board or organization. No of classes in a week: 2 days Like - Sat-Sun, 3 Days Like - Mon, Wen, Fri / Tus, Thu, Sat, 5 Days Mon, Tus, Wen, Thu, Fri

Here one more option is available for those, who want to complete the course in quite less time. This crash course will be as knowledgeable as regular course for 1 year.

Crash course Course duration: 6 months Time period of time for each class: Two hours

Course has scheduled in semester pattern, each month considered as one semester. So the complete course has 12 semesters.


In the first semester of the course, introduction will be given to candidates with internet marketing. Here basic or fundamental concepts will be cleared with all theory and practices, which very essential part of the course. All the basics of marketing, marketing strategies, target markets, make out demographics, typical internet marketing campaigning and understanding of market analysis these are the topics will be covered in the first semester of the course.

Abilities and Gains from the first semester of the course are Understanding, Writing and Analysis. These skills are most important foe internet marketing.


Second semester will be making familiar with the coding or programming language. All the web media tools like HTML and CSS will be introduced for understanding and developing webs. As well as to edit or update web functionalities, candidate will get complete knowledge with practical work. This semester will focus on web development portion with better understanding and interest.

Semester is useful for developing students’ computer Software Skills of Programming and Internet Language for web Development & Web Design


In this semester student will make notified with one more important and new aspect i.e. web media. Methods of producing different web media forms and other techniques with the standard tools will be taught. These methods and techniques are helpful for editing of images in Adobe Photoshop as well as video editing on Adobe Premiere. Such real-time training with perfect practical knowledge will make the able to handle any kind of project. One more advantage of the advance skills of internet marketing make the candidate expert in graphics also.

Semester is furnished for adapting the skills like image Editing, Video Editing as well as Graphic Designing.


SEO is the most vital part of internet marketing because only search engines results aretends to the business growth and expansion on digital market. In this semester search engine optimization, behavior and working of search engines will be explained for better result in search engine result page. Entire SEO strategies like off page & on page SEO and content management will also teach in this semester. Google is popularly used search engine, so Google Algorithm, Google Trade are very helpful techniques to for better understanding of search engines’ working style. Once student will come to know the behavior of search engines, they will be able to obtain good rank in different search engines with all the acquired SEO methods and techniques.

This semester is actual stage for being one profession in the digital market acquiring the handful knowledge of Analytical view, Search engine per forming, Digital marketing and last but not least SEO.


Content is also very effective part of search engine result. In this semester focus will be on content management. In developing a website, website content is as important as the website design or architecture is important. Here student will get the idea how the content should be for the better result in search engine or for online marketing.

This semester is Skilled for students’ better understanding about the content management and digital Management Skills.


Organizing web data, anti-spamming, understanding web servers, IP resolution, , structuring domain and IP, data security, etc. are the elements of internet marketing. These main elements will improve the status of business or website on digital market as well as it will give knowledge about server architecture, which is helpful for using of server based technologies.

This semester will cover several topics for developing skills of Data Analysis, Server Management and Server Security.


For digital marketing awareness and analysis of the market updates will be very important skill. For analysis data gathering, interpreting and organizing techniques will be taught in this semester. Standard tool for data analysis will be introduced I this semester. This analysis technique will beneficial the website performance, website campaigning, renovating approach as well as search engine optimization also.

This semester is of for developing skills of Internet analysis and working strategies according to that for more enhanced results.


In this semester students will meet again most significant concept of online marketing I. e. search engine marketing. Most used technique for SEM is the Pay per Click, this technique also help to theimprove the result of search engine page. Medium used for Pay per Click technique are different search engines like Google, Yahoo, MNS, Bing, etc. Now some social networking sites will be used like Facebook, twitter and even You Tube will be also used for SEM technique. Google Adword certification will be given to student along with the course completion certificate

This semester is designed to make student contented with the search engine marketing.


Now social media networking sites are the best medium for advertising. In this semester student will learn the all technics for promoting website or business through the Social networking sites. This technical is very much effective and fast result giving for business in the digital market. Mainly used social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, You Tube, LinkedIn, etc. This technique with standard tool is very beneficial for internet marketing.

This semester is acquired with Social Media Skills, Analytical Skills, Social Networking, Social Position, Status Controlling and the most important is the brand building.


Lead generation is also technical of advertising or getting feedback from the customers for the quality of the product or the services of the business. This technique will be applicable on existing customers for generating leads. Here student will learn to generate the quality leads for better performance in when marketing. Performance of the business on digital market affects due to lead generation, so it is very important procedure for online marketing.

In this semester skills acquired by the students will be Lead Generation, Online Business Development and Marketing with help of Market Valuation.


As like SEO, SMO, SME technique one another technique is also used for internet marketing i. e. Email marketing. In this method of marketing applicable email templates will be used for user email data. Here students will get idea of spam rules and regulations. Again content management pat will come under it for effective business. This method will build the brand name and trustworthy relation with the customers.

In this semester student will develop the skills of analysis, budgeting, developing relation, data management and working in a team.


Affiliate marketing is kind of performance based marketing. For visitors or the customers, business will offer some prize on making purchase or order to grab the attention for advertising. This segment of the course includes developmental work for the business as well as freelancing work.

This semester offers the students to grow with Skills of online marketing, business developments and Commercial Infrastructures as well as digital freelancing.


Project work is the most practical emphasizing corner of the course, where all learned concept will be applied on real business. Here students will also come to know their level of acquiring as well as on which areas they should focus so that they can handle the real business project. Such project work will also give the practice on team work and assistance on the work.

Working on live project will give them experience of developing and executing project according to the given budget. SEO Tech Experts are the one, who is providing a real live project with budget for professionalism experience.

Please note: interested candidate should fill the form. While filling form please mention correct course code for course column.

Fees details will be intimated by the mail only.

This course will be run at the Delhi and Gurgaon Centre only.

This course is not available for online study.

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